This service includes 2 baths to insure your dog is squeaky clean!!
A choice of shampoo and conditioner for The condition of your doggies coat and skin.
I like to comb through the Conditioner for best results . They also love the Hydro surge which is like a massage that mixes the shampoo evenly. Bathing is where I bond with your doggy . They really love their baths .
I towel dry them and give them a good fluff with the blow dryer and, of course, a good brush out.
Baths include nails which I file to get a smooth finish, cleaning of the ears and, of course, don’t forget the cute bowtie or a bandanna or bows!
$88.00 and up
is your dog shedding ? deshedding treatment really helps to lift up the under coat for extra 20.00