This service includes 2 baths to insure your dog is squeaky clean!!
A choice of shampoo and conditioner for The condition of your doggies coat and skin.
I like to comb through the Conditioner for best results . They also love the Hydro surge which is like a massage that mixes the shampoo evenly. Bathing is where I bond with your doggy . They really love their baths .
I towel dry them and give them a good fluff with the blow dryer and, of course, a good brush out.
Baths include nails which I file to get a smooth finish, cleaning of the ears and, of course, don’t forget the cute bowtie or a bandanna or bows!
$88.00 and up
is your dog shedding ? deshedding treatment really helps to lift up the under coat for extra 20.00

Full Hair Cut

This service includes
Two full baths to ensure they’re clean. Shampoo and conditioner of your choice for skin and coat type.
Full haircut of your choice. Shaving out the pads to keep from matting and keeping clean. Sanitary area cleaned up. Cleaning of the ears; hair plucking if necessary to help prevent air infections.
Nails are cut and filed. Bow tie/bandanna, or bows.
*Pricing starting from 100.00 and up.

Neaten Ups

2 baths to ensure they’re clean with your choice of shampoo and conditioner. Towel dry/ Blow dry fluff out.
This service is when you don’t want your dog to have a full haircut but you would like them to look like they did!
This includes: A Sanitation trim
Clean up their face. Shave out their pads.
Round up their paws. Ears cleaned
Nails clipped and filed. Bandanna/bow tie or bows
Prices are 90.00 and Up